The final super-G was bad weather, the race ended by the fall of Austrian Krölla

LENZERHEIDE – A strong wind blow did not allow the Alpine skiers to compete in super-G in the World Cup final in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. The organizers first moved the start. Then the first runners went on the track, but the race had to interrupt several times.

When Rakusan Klaus Kröll had the 10th crash with the start number 10, they decided to cancel them definitively and without compensation. Kröll suffered a fracture of the left shoulder bone during a severe fall.According to the information provided to the DPA by the leadership of the Austrian team, a glider specialist should undergo surgery.

A small globe in the super-G belongs to Nora Aksel Lund Svindal, but with the cancellation of the race came the opportunity to reduce his 149-point lead in the overall order. Hirscher defended a large crystal globe for overall leadership. Svindal has decided not to go and it is clear that he can no longer advance in the classification.

“Marcel deserves a great globe.” has spoken to the dpa Svindal agency, which has to be satisfied with two small globes for the overall triumph in the show and super-G.

“The big globe is not at the moment interested. I have no desire to enjoy or celebrate at all. All the thoughts are now heading only to Klaus and his health, “ said Hirscher, according to which the jury should not let the racers on the track: ” Accidents happen in our sport, it’s not safe for us skiers, it’s stupid. The race could be canceled earlier. When such an experienced racer, like Klaus, happens to him, the wind will press him against the back and he can not do anything about it, how would I behave in that situation, who does not have so much routine and experience?It’s simply tragic and horrific when the safety of skiers is not entirely guaranteed. “

Overall order of SP (after 32 of 34 races): Marcel Hirscher (Austria) 1375 points 2. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) 1226 3. Ted Ligety 922 4. Felix Neureuther (Germany) 848 5. Ivica Kostelič (Chor.) 840, 6 , Alexis Pinturault (Fr.) 730,…83. Adam Žampa (SR) 49

Final Ranking in Super-G SP (after 5 races) Lund Svindal (Norway) 480 points, 2. Matteo Marsaglia (Tal.) 249, 3. Matthias Mayer (Austria) 228, 4. Werner Heel (Tal.) 224, 5. Adrien Théaux (Fr. Hannes Reichelt (AUT) 161