Steps to the European Championship a little further: The Slovaks did not manage their first game

BRATISLAVA – The Slovak women’s team did not succeed in their opening speech on the 2017 European Championship in the Netherlands, when it beat the home team of Tychy 0: 2 (0: 1) in the Polish town of Tychy. The Polish team led from the 18th minute when the midfielder Natalia Chudzikova was shooting. The insurer of the second goal was added in the 63rd minute by Dominica Grabowská.

The result of the quarterly meeting in the “Slovak” 4th Women’s Football Qualification Group on the European Championship 2015 in the Netherlands:

a great backdrop of sympathy and the first 15 minutes belonged to them. Soldiers combined and looked more dangerous. The Polish defense seemed uncertain, but the guests did not get the chance. After 18 minutes, the home side was awarded a penalty.Center Sikorova found behind the back of Slovak defense Chudziková, which has no problem in the open gate to open the score. The home team came back in 22 minutes to raise Pajorová, but shot off next. After a half-hour, the corner kick kicked Feck and Fischer headed to the left of the home gate. In 35 minutes, Slovenky was able to collect the money, Dudek gave a nice individual action at sixties, grabbed Sikorova, who still caught the defensive player and shot, but the Slovak goal keeper Korenčiová was a great shot. The Slovaks tried to make up, but I missed the final pass.

The Polish have started a strong second attack in the second half, but they could hit the other side. At 57.minute after corner, first defense of the home blocked the shot of Biroo and then goalkeeper Antończyk also shot Matysova. The home goalkeeper held it for a minute, with the tips of the fingers knocking on the corner and the excellent shot of Skkorvánková. And so you do not pay-you get when a great penetration pass between the Pair and Pajorova sent Grabowská, who was on the field for only a few seconds with the first touch with the ball cut Korenčiová – 2: 0. 89 minutes into the game, Feck managed to reduce the lead as he managed to keep up with the equalizer.And when the big chance of home Balcerzakova did not take a big chance at the start of the game, it ended the duel worthy of the win of Poliek.

Zsolt Pakusza, coach of the SR (source: and a real football game played a very decent match, which was taken care of by both teams.In most of the games we managed, except to conclude, to play what we wanted.We also made the chances that we, however, unlike the rivals, we did not want to take advantage of it, we did not want to defend it, we were not a worse team, although Poland is ten inches higher than us in the UEFA rankings, and that’s what we are happy to do in the next qualifying games. “ >