Jagr has an amazing winning goal, Florida slices an opponent and shoots play off

SUMMARY Jaromir Jagr contributed to the 11th NHL Friday match in the season to win Florida 4: 1 on Anaheim ice. The goal of the Czech striker was victorious. The guests decided during the 25th to 31st minutes when three interventions turned the game’s development from 0: 1.

“Manson was screaming, it was an unfortunate situation,” said Anaheim striker Andrew Cogliano The opening of the second third opened a score in weakness when Ondrej Kaše was eliminated. “You think that this goal will give you energy, but instead we have returned them to the game by our inability to work with the puck. They turned the game to their advantage by giving them the wheels several times.Too often we lost him, “coach Randy Carlyle angers at his superiors.

Florida has won sixth of the last seven games and loses one point on the play off.

VIDEO : Look at the 11th goal of Jaromir Jágra during the season

The Columbus hockey players defeated Pittsburgh 2: 1 without the injury of Lukáš Sedlák, 2: 1 in the second round due to problems in the lower part of the body The main successor of Blue Jackets was goalman Sergej Bobrovskij, who covered 38 of 39 shots.

Both teams are second and third in the Eastern Conference and It is possible that they will encounter even the rejecting part.However, according to the players of the game, their duels already have a touch of play off. “Playing against them is something other than a regular game,” said Sidney Crosby, whose teammate Jevgenij Malkin recorded 500th NHL assistance in the match.

Last Team NHL took down

In the remainder of the Friday’s competition, Colorado ended a series of five defeats in Carolina, where it was 2: 1 in overtime. The win of the last NHL team at 64:23 was Mikko Rantanen. The guests have been advised despite the challenging schedule because they played out the fifth match on the seventh day. Hurricanes, on the other hand, had the previous weekend, which has teamed up this year with the NFL American Football League team once in the season.And so far the balance is all about – after the break the first match won only three teams out of 14.

“It looks like after a pause, I was not surprised at our performance at all, we did not beat, did not combine, ended up wrong. “Columbus – Pittsburgh 2: 1 in the end of the season,” he said. (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0 – 1: 0)
Branches: 22. Murray, 62. Dubinsky – Goal Shots: 39:39. Viewers: 19.188. Star Wars: 1. Bobrovskij, 2. Dubinsky (both Columbus), 3. M. Murray (Pittsburgh)

Carolina – Colorado 1: (1: 1, 0: 0, 0: 0 – 0: 1)
Goal: 20. Skinner – 14. Barrie, 65.Rantanen. Shots on goal: 29:37. Viewers: 11.456.

Anaheim – Florida 1: 4 (0: 0) Rantanen Colorado 2. Ward Carolina 3. Pickard 0, 1: 3, 0: 1)
Goalies: 23. Cogliano – 25. Sceviour, 27. Jagr, 31. Ekblad, 59. MacKenzie. Shots on goal:
36:31. Viewers: 16.339. Star Wars: 1. Sceviour (Florida), 2. Cogliano (Anaheim), 3. Ekblad (Florida).