I hesitated for just a few minutes, says the new Pilsner coach Čihák

“I had a worse sleep, the nervousness on me fell a little. But when one goes down on ice, it’s gone, and as the training starts, it’s all over, “he wrote.” In the absence of Michal Straka, who is in charge of the study, and Jaroslav Špaček, Center on ice “to the head of Martin Strako’s club and former defender George Hanzlik.” It was a charge, and the boys went all the way, “he nodded with satisfaction. “We have to talk to them, pick them up.At the same time, he stressed that no one in the team has a definite place without the maximum effort, “said HC Škoda general manager. Although the competency between the new coach trio is not fixed yet, it seems that the extra-league novice Čihák gets on the bench Distinctive space. “Whatever the case, the most important thing is to move Pilsen together to the better places on the table. Players need to start. We have a good team and I am convinced that this will happen, “said Čihák.

He has worked with a Pilsen elderly puppy before he even trained the youth in Sparta. When Martin Straka came up with him a few days ago, he was hesitating for a while for the Skoda extralig team.

“I first looked at him like a spring.I did not know if he was kidding, “he smiled. “Then I thought five, maybe ten minutes. And I said, I’m going into it. Hockey is about fighting, and I very much appreciate the fact that I can work in Pilsen, “said Čihák.

What’s the reboot recipe? “It can lose, but it must be after the fight. And the people in the auditorium know each other very well when something goes away, “he said. With each player he wants to talk personally. “We are already sitting with Ondra Kratěna and Petr Kadlec, the two most experienced. We figured out what to do to improve how the team can help. There are good shooters here, but they do not. We have offensive beats, but we did not even go back. The boys tried, but it was already a cramp.We have to get it out of it. “

He does not solve too much that a couple of players older than him are in the cloakroom. “Yes, it’s a bit complicated, but the players are professional. I got confidence from the Pilsen leadership. I have great respect for the players and I believe that they will respect me as well. We have a single common goal – to push Plzeň up the table, “he said, in co-operation with Michal Strako and Jaroslav Špaček, they will continue to strive for an offensive style.

” Sometimes it is good to be defensive And win 1: 0, but the whole season can not be played this way. We have to go in the offensive style and shoot the goals. When he succeeds, we will win, “the coach said.

He has a week with his colleagues to make the changes.And it is only on Monday that the team will meet after the event. “It’s a complication, but we can not do anything about it. We have to prepare ourselves for a saddle in the match with Tricek. “It will be a great baptism for him.