CSKA paid a gun from her own workshop. And her next goal? Czech

Hero number one: the man with the number 1 on the jersey. Alexey Šved.

The 28 points that led the end of a wonderful match.

And also a basketball player formed in a club with an army past. He entered CSKA as a sixteen-year-old as a great hope, and at 23 he went to the NBA as a Euroleague champion and star of the old continent. When he returned home this summer, after three overseas trips, the borders of Moscow. He has become the best paid basketball player in Europe and is confident he will play in the key moments of the matches.

The new employer’s style seems to be a rainbow.While CSKA stands out from its defense wall, Chimki puts its strength on the opposite half of the board, but occasionally losing on its more lethal defensive.

Then, between the basketball cannons, Shved gained a sovereign position. In the intra-club competition of Tyrese Rice, Petteri Koponen and Paulo Davis’s undercoat with James Augustin, he plays the first violin at the end.In particular, the long distance fire – which he was so criticized in the NBA – is his domain on European decks.

And the Moscow derby was a perfect stage for his concert.

The Euroleague again looked like the CSKA win, especially when the opening twenty minute closed Cory Higgins with a demotivating three of a half of the pitch at 51:41 for the guests. But after the break the Chimek brisks accelerated and started behind the triple arc. Tactics came out. Šved collected 21 points in the second half and mainly the ending took place under his direction. He played what he likes. One on one. He compared 85:85 and 87:87. His team went into the lead when Augustin was beautifully invited to smash.A decisive jumper at 91:89 jammed just behind the three-point line dropped the basket 1.1 seconds before the end.

The long twin turn of the Sergeant Magician Milos Theodosić was not a prolongation, the Russians remained a hero.

This is how Alexei Šved dreamed about when he decided his (first?) stage in the NBA after just three years to end. From America it was returning inconspicuously, undervalued and in addition marodising with a broken rib.

The numbers of 7.4 points, 2.5 assists and 2 rebounds per match are average in both senses of that word. Behind them, however, there are several take-offs and drops.He made four clubs and will remember differently for each of his engagements.

The introduction in Minnesota, under the curse of an experienced compatriot Andrei Kirilenko, has even brought swift references to Šved’s name in connection with candidates for the Best Newcomer Award. However, with the coming year of 2013, the crisis came, and by the end of the year Chandra had not left his Russian soul. And in the summer of 2014, Šved became inconspicuous for the big player exchange between the three clubs. Kevin Love moved to Cleveland with her from LeBron James, and on the other side were two Canadian drafts of Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett.

A nearly two-meter-old Russian has found a new home in Philadelphia.And he showed that he was doing well on the Atlantic coast: in a team of hot-blooded youths he was one of the few to keep his head cool, taking the substitute 9.9 points and 2.7 assists in the role of a substitute.

was just seeming, the club continued to focus on collecting “pickets” in drafts, so after 17 duels, Šved heads one of Houston’s Texas. Used to the edge of a bench.

At the end, the best came. February Trend to New York. The Knicks have found a real boost in the 16 duels from February 22 to March 22, he scored 14.8 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists.

It was expected that he will stay under Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, and Svedh himself was talking about it. However, he could not approve the triange offense.But there was a rib injury and a pack of trunks after it.

They talked about money.

$ 2.8 million (the amount available to the Knicks) is less than 3.4 million that Shved has guaranteed after returning to Russia in this and the following two seasons. And if he is going to be amazed by any of the NBA clubs, so please, he may leave. But now he is beating for Chimki and the ambitious, yet long-shadowed club gives him the chance to extend this year’s collection of a triumph in the VTB League, one in the Russian Cup and two Eurocup titles.

As opposed to the CSKA machine, Chimki is less likely to know what the face will be offered by Šved et al. in your next match? What will the Czech champions from Nymburk now allow in the VTB league? Replies on Sunday 3.January.