After signing Marseille, Garcia criticized AS Roma

Rudi Garcia signed a three-year contract with Marseille yesterday and is trying to start a new era with the arrival of the US owner, but former coach Lille was only then finishing his contract with AS Rome, although he had not been training for some time. According to Garcia, Giallorossi could be kept more at the level…

Rudi Garcia was ruled by AS Roma this January, after dropping out of the Italian Cup and a single win over the last 10 rounds. “I expected that AS Rome would be out of my contract, betting erbjudanden but it was not that simple. It could have been kept on a more level, that’s true.In the final I left with half of what the club owed me, but at least I was definitely gone “, he relied on former employer Garcia.

” The truth is, I wanted to go back to work. AS Rome hoped to shake hands with them and just leave as soon as a big club comes to me. It’s not about money, but once you sign the contract, it’s only normal to betting sidor bonus respect it, “says the fifty-year-old who spent five years in Lille.

Giallorossi led Garcia in two full seasons 18 months, with two finishes on the second leg, but in the last season he coached President James Pallotto.

“It was wrong to admit the creation of a whole new team of fitness trainers.I hope it will not happen again: if so, it is better to leave. It will save you time when you work with the competent people you trust. “
Once again the threefold best manager of the year in France.

What the new engagement in Marseilles, Rudi Garcia is towards Another call is optimistic. “It is very important that (President) McCourt lives in France and I said to him that it is crucial that players sometimes see him. He is the owner, the one who pays the bills. It gives him the right to talk, change, and directly influence through personal interaction, “ encourages a 52-year-old strategist.

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