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After Jarolim, Mlada Boleslav will train Kalvoda

Leos Kalvoda will be the new coach of Karel Jarolím in Mladá Boleslav. Osmdesátiletý coach still led the second-league Frýdek-Místek, from which he was given permission to go to the Central Bohemian club, which is two rounds at the top

Divine Olympic ride: Oxygen mask and then silver medal

In his favorite restaurant in Kohoutovice in Brno, he steps so energetically that you can hardly keep up with him. “Come sit in the corner and see the outside,” says Karol Divin. Even though the view broke a misty window

After signing Marseille, Garcia criticized AS Roma

Rudi Garcia signed a three-year contract with Marseille yesterday and is trying to start a new era with the arrival of the US owner, but former coach Lille was only then finishing his contract with AS Rome, although he had

He was at the top of the list, Federer only third

LONDON – Spaniard Rafael Nadal is leading the ATP World Championship world championship on July 5th, which Rafael Nadal has greatly increased his lead over Wimbledon since he missed London last year for health reasons. Moving to the second place,

The final super-G was bad weather, the race ended by the fall of Austrian Krölla

LENZERHEIDE – A strong wind blow did not allow the Alpine skiers to compete in super-G in the World Cup final in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. The organizers first moved the start. Then the first runners went on the track, but the